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Wh(Y)? eSports


Founded : 2016
Website : http://www.whyesports.at/
Nation(s) : Austria Austria
Game(s) : Counter Strike : Global Offensive
Team(s) :
Counter Strike : Global Offensive Wh(Y)? eSports   Legendary Eagle Master
Sponsor(s) : homecity-media.de


WhY is a GER/ENG eSports organization established in April 2016.
The ambition of the organization is to provide a home for gamers.
After many setbacks our organization decided to seek a new start and support strong teams.
But also amateurs are very welcome to the WhY community. Everybody is able to learn something in our organization and attend seminars.

We offer high-capacity game server to our teams which are administered by ourselves aswell as your own E-Mail Adress.
Every team has the right to get a streamer/caster which records and streams every event match.
We also have internal events and competitions which makes it possible for you to win great prizes and get to the top of our community.
Furthermore every member gets our clan logo which we offer in different designs and colors.
It's also planned to create an eSports jersey that you can provide with your preferred name and buy it in our shop.
Ambition plays a dominant role in our organization but the fun of the game has top priority.
Our aims are not only the FaceIt and ESEA League but also the Electronic Sports League.
Visiting some exclusive LAN events is important as well.
The organization of the trainings will be focused on competitions and LANs.

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