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Team Cerberus

An organization that offers a lot of fun and good times

Founded : 2016
Website : https://twitter.com/_teamcerberus
Nation(s) : United States United States
Canada Canada
Game(s) : Counter Strike : Global Offensive League of Legends Dota 2 Heroes of the storm


I am Conman9, the owner of a new gaming organization named Team Cerberus. We have been a Counter Strike : Global Offensive team since 2014 and have hosted as well as participated in a number of leagues and tournaments and even winning a few of them. Recently, we have decided to start expanding the team into an organization. As of right now we are looking to pick up teams that would be able to play under our org. If we get a lot of requests we will go through and pick a few of the teams that best fit our requirements. We are looking for any players or teams that would be interested no matter the game or skill

What we look for in a team: We are looking for a dedicated team that practices daily and competes in tournaments and leagues. Not only are we looking for a team that is active in the game but we are looking for teams that are mature and helpful to others. As your actions in the game , and outside, would reflect on the organization as a whole. We will not tolerate disrespectful members at all.

What we can provide: In the future, depending on the teams' results and improvement, we plan on being able to fund fees for tournaments, leagues as well as jerseys and other things. We provide, right now , a teamspeak server with private channels as well as a respectful and fun community to hang out in and meet others, a website, and practice servers. If you have any questions or have any interest in being a part of this organization feel free to DM us on Twitter at https://twitter.com/_TeamCerberus , message me on steam at http://steamcommunity.com/id/Conman9 or join our teamspeak server at ca33.ts3.cloud:5099

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