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Founded : 2016
Website : http://www.teamlevelsix.com/
Game(s) : Counter Strike : Global Offensive League of Legends Dota 2 Heroes of the storm
Sponsor(s) : Ttesports, 1shot1kill.pl, DISCORD


TeamLevel SiX are going to make an huge invesment regarding the E-sports games. We currently looking for any game and a team of 5 that is interested to play under our banner. The support from the staff will be at maximum

First of all - if you are impatient, like to flame or have the "elitist" ego this is not for you.
I have experience with teams dating (managed 5 teams in dota , 2, 1 team in HON) and competitive play.
lvl.SiX Get to competitive level (Don't expect that to happen in 1 week, alot of training, training, training is required.)


* REQUIREMENTS - * [16+] *High skilled 1.5-3k hours + in DOTA min 4k MMR * Being active (Sunday-Thursday availability evening time 16/18.00-22.30-23.30 GMT +2) * Loving your role and sticking to it(don't like role swapping) *League experience/LAN EXPERIENCE * Microphone/TS3/Discord * Punctuality * Patience *Prepare to work hard ! * Ready to play in Intermediate/ESL major league. *Talkative and not shy, able to make a difference in a team environment. *What you should have: - Top skill, game sense and aim. - Clean comms - Flawless refraging, popflashing and fast rotation -HARD MOTIVATION add me in steam for more : http://steamcommunity.com/id/neyyat/  Don't even think about adding me if you don't meet the requirements.


What you should have:
- clan captain should be experienced in leading and coordinating team as well as picking line-ups
- really important: time to play. I totally understand that it is just a game and most people just play it for fun, but I seriously want to take my game to a higher level with a great team. So I need a people, that practices more often than just 3 times a week. Apart from having fun, you really should take this game serious and want to participate in leagues.
- due to timezones and server problems you should be European.

If you are interested or want to ask more details add me on :

- This Homepage http://teamlevelsix.com/
- Steam - http://steamcommunity.com/id/lvl6ney/
- http://steamcommunity.com/groups/teamlevelsixcommiunity

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